A leading real estate investment and

asset manager in Asia.


Our astute team of investment specialists has been integral to the management and expansion of our portfolio, adopting a creative yet prudent approach to each transaction.


Mordril is committed to building a sustainable and entrepreneurial real estate organisation in Hong Kong. We pursue opportunities for our stakeholders in value-added segments in areas of high growth potential.


Our corporate governance emphasizes integrity, objectivity, transparency and accountability – all integral to long-term sustainability in today’s challenging marketplace.

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Our dedicated relationships with vendors, investors and agents enable us to source and deliver unique and exciting opportunities. Every decision is supported by a detailed risk return analysis and an institutional approach to due diligence.

Asset Management

Strong emphasis on creative direction and attention to detail on leasing and marketing enables us to deliver above market returns to our investors. Through our analytical and entrepreneurial methodology, it enables us to source opportunities to grow income and add value.


Our disposal strategy is disciplined yet dynamic, subject to the tailored business plan for each investment plus continual evaluation of market dynamics to realizing value in a timely manner and deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns for investors.